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The Knight of Hope and Change

The original Neo-Mythic® Knight of Hope and Change is an oil painting on linen by Cheryl Yambrach Rose.

Available in three formats:
Fine Giclee Art Print (16x20") • Photo print (11x14") • Laminated card (5x7")

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Fine Giclee Art Print
On archival, acid-free paper, 16x20"
$150 plus $10 shipping

Photo Print
$30 plus $6 shipping

Laminated Card
$6.50 plus $2.50 shipping

From the artist

As I stood today (5th April 2009) nine rows back from the podium at Prague Castle, from which President Barack Obama delivered his historic speech on his vision for dealing with the global nuclear situation, I realized I was truly looking at the "Knight of Hope and Change". Along with over 20,000 other people from all over the world we experienced a powerful living testament for Hope and Change.

"The Knight of Hope and Change"

Bright Knight dark and true,
urgent work all around you,
world on fire, no time to tire.

Time for wisdom and vision,
Hope and change,
Recovery with integrity.
© Toby Hall 2009

Photos of the Speech at Prague Castle, April 5th 2009

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